Fake & copied disks - Why you shouldnt use them

24/04/2012 - Today we met a new customer who had used a copied disk. Take a look at the bottom of this page read an account of what happened.

The use of copied navigation disks has been with us for years now. Some people will tell you its fine to use a copied disk. We have had many many years of experience of using genuine disks and have seen many many customers come to us with copied disks bought from either a well known auction site or directly from internet sites offering 'backup' copies of disks. There are even one or two auction sites offering a genuine disk but when you enquire further you will be offered a copy instead!

Firstly, lets get one thing absolutely straight. The selling of copied disks is illegal and against the tems of the licence of the original disk. If a disk is for sale at a low price of say £25 - £40 then ask yourself 'Is it genuine and the latest version?' The answer will be no.

Now, lets look at what a copied disk can do to your comand system;

Copied disks do not have anything like the high reflectivity properties that genuine disks have. This causes the laser to have to perform many more re-reads of the data in order to get a successful read. This has two effects on your system. First off it will reduce the life of the laser dramatically. Secondly, it will cause your system to run much much slower and hotter. This in itself will reduce the life of the system not to mention invalidate any warranty you may have. There are one or two self proclaimed 'experts' saying they know more about CD's than anyone else in the country and this cannot happen. Well they are simply wrong.

fake disks Fake disks

We have seen many customers complain they have a comand system which unreliably reads disks and runs hot. We put in a genuine disk and it reads quickly and easily without error. We have also recently had a major in-car navigation manufacturer decline a warranty claim because the units firmware had been corrupted by a copied disk.

So if you dont mind your comand system running slow, running too hot and possibly likely to fail prematurely then copied disks are cheap even if they are illegal. If the cost of a disk is too high for you then consider using a slightly older disk so long as its genuine.

The image below shows an easy way to detect a fake or copy. You can clearly see the lower reflectivity of the copied disk plus the edge where the recording stops. DVD's record from the inside out to the edge. Genuine disks have no line where the data stops.

How to tell a fake disk Fake disks

For a genuine disk at a competitive price try these people;

Comand Online

24/04/2012 A new customer came in today with a W204 C class. He had bought a copied update disk from a site that advertises on the internet. He had started the update and it had failed almost at the end. This rendered the Comand system unuseable. He went to Mercedes and they spent a considerable time trying to bring the system back to life. They were unable to do it. We spent about 2 hours working on it and were also unable to breathe life back into it. The only solution is for the comand system to be replaced. The customer is quite rightly contacting trading standards as the copied disks have caused his system to fail. We have informed the site selling the disks what has happened. So if you are thinking of a copied disk and anyone who peddles them tries to assure you they have never heard of anyone having had problems or permanent damage caused by their disks, then you need to perhaps ask them if they are sure about that.

09/05/2012 - Here is an email we have received from a concerned customer;

I read your article about fake Comand SatNav disks with dismay.

I purchased a 2006 CLK last December.  The SatNav disk was brittle and
broke relatively quickly. Rather naively with hindsight (being a first
time Mercedes owner)I sourced a replacement from satnav????????uk via
Ebay.  The disk loaded OK and worked for a while.  However it now seems
to endlessly spin around and the system eventually will not recognise the

I have compared the disk to the one you show on your site and it
looks like a fake.

Another email!


I purchased a disk for £39 from ??????? who advertises cheap navigation upgrades on the internet. I wish I hadnt.
The disk appeared to work at first but now I keep getting 'Please load Navigation DVD' on the screen. I have now
purchased a genuine disk and all is fine.

16th February 2012

A customer came in complaining of problems with his navigation system cutting out. The disk we found is shown below. An obvious cheap FAKE. We replaced it with a genuine disk and lo and behold his navigation stopped cutting out and resetting the MOST bus.


Fake disk

Another customer emailed on 1st July 2014

The disk I tried to put in after was fake copy 2013 DVD (it now seems) It worked for a few minutes then stopped. It said it was updating the system. Now the original DVD 4.1 does not work.  I will never touch a cheap non original disk again.

Here is what another customer has just emailed to us;

"Just made the mistake of "updating" my new 2011 C Class's SatNav using discs from
online supplier satXXXupdates.com.
All went well until it asked for the second disc to be inserted. Doesn't see the
second disc and now can't use the Nav.
How I wish I'd seen your website before making this mistake.
Can you help me or have I completely killed my Comand SatNav?"

This is the second one of these this week. Yes we can fix it fortunately.

Look at the disks below. Obvious cheap fakes. The pirates who created these cant even spell 'comand' properly. Also clear breach of the Mercedes copyrighted three pointed star.

Fake disk













Yet another customer experience below;

I have to put my hand up and admit I was stupid and used a set of disks
downloaded from the internet to upgrade my Comand to Mercedes.NTG4 w204
Comand V.11  A2048279859 - 2013-2014 maps ALL Europe.
Now I have a system that keeps rebooting every 15 seconds. I don't even
have long enough to try to go back to the previous version. I have tried
removing the fuse, keeping my finger on the eject button and a couple of
other things but to no avail.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. If I was located near you
I would be there tomorrow.

MOST DAB W204 media interface R230 NTG 2.5 Birds eye view ipod video ipod NTG 2.5 comand DAB Phone kit