IPOD / Media Interface

Mercedes have made available a number of ipod/MP3 interfaces for a variety of cars.

As a general rule, any model year 2005 car (2007 for vans) or newer (2003 for the W211 E class) can have a genuine Mercedes ipod kit retrofit performed. There are some restrictions to this. For instance, there is no Mercedes ipod kit available for the SL until model year 2009. Some cars require comand to be fitted, others not.

From model year 2005 (2007 for vans) ,the A/B/C/CLK/ML/GL/R/V class vehicles can have comand fitted provided they have audio 20 fitted as a minimum. The SLK/CLS/E/S class cars must have comand fitted. However, from 2009 any vehicle with Audio-20 or comand can have a genuine ipod kit fitted. STOP PRESS: We can offer genuine Mercedes ipod kits fitted for £399 for the A/B/C/CLK/ML/GL/R/V class cars, £449 for the E/CLS range and £799 for the 2006 - 2009 S/CL.

For those cars earlier than MY2005 or those that would require comand but don't have it, there is the mCar product which will provide a digital music pathway by emulating a CD changer. This is a new product for the 2005 - 2008 MOST cars which offers integrated Bluetooth phone and full digital ipod support. For the sound quality alone is worth this upgrade.



With the arrival of the model year 2009 (model year 2011 for the vans), everything changed. Cars with comand became available with the new Media interface. This allowed the full track names and control to be handled by the head unit and not just the steering wheel controls and instrument cluster. A further enhancement to the media interface is the media interface plus. This brings video to the media interface. Both the media interface and media interface plus can be retrofitted. Please note though that a pre-requisite of MI plus is the standard media interface.

Customers with model year 2009 cars or newer can also choose the ipod video kit which integrates videos/TV shows etc on your ipod or iphone onto your comand screen. This is a more cost effective solution than media interface.

MOST DAB W204 media interface R230 NTG 2.5 Birds eye view ipod video ipod NTG 2.5 comand DAB Phone kit