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COMAND - COckpit Management And Navigation Device is the top end Mercedes audio head unit. It functions as a navigation device, Cd player and can, depending on the model year of the car control a TV tuner, phone system, CD changer, Harman Kardon / Bose amplifier, linguatronic (Voice control) and of course an ipod interface.

From the introduction of the new W204 C class in mid 2007 and the subsequent model year 2009 facelifts of the other ranges bluetooth phone was built into the Comand system and in many audio-20 systems also. Earlier cars can be retrofitted with this newer type of comand system which in many models is referred to NTG 2.5. The W204 C class uses the NTG 4 system.

NTG 1 - W211 E Class, R230 SL, W219 CLS, R171 SLK, W220 S class, R230 SL, W216 CL - all pre model year 2009

NTG 2 - W169 A class, W245 B class, W203 C class, W209 CLK, W164 ML, X164 GL, W251 R - all pre model year 2009

NTG 2.5 - W169 A class, W245 B class, W203 C (Coupe only), W164 ML, X164 GL, W251 R, R230 SL, R171 SLK, W211 E class - all MY 2009 onwards. (note: NTG 2.5 comand can be retrofitted to W203 saloons/estates from MY2005 onwards).

NTG 3 - W221 S class, W216 CL. - all pre MY 2009

NTG 3.5 - W221 S class, W216 CL - all MY 2009 onwards

NTG 4 - W204 C class, W207 e coupe, W212 E class, GLK

NTG 4.5 - W204 C class, W207/W212 E class, W166 ML, X166 GL, , W176 A class, W246 B class

NTG 5 - W205 C class, W222 S class, W246 B class, W176 A class

The real advantage of upgrading a model year 2005 (2003 onward for the W211 E class) to the NTG 2.5 type system is that you get DVD movie playback, integrated bluetooth, dynamic routing around traffic congestion and full seven digit postcode support for the navigation system. Linguatronic can easily be retrofitted aswell. With any NTG 2.5 system either the full media interface or an ipod interface can be easily added. DAB is also an available upgrade with any NTG 2.5 system.

Here at we are ideally placed to install your comand system. Using genuine components throughout, genuine factory supported STAR we can code your car so the Comand behaves exactly as if it were factory installed. We can also offer full SCN coding for customers with the newer cars wishing to add genuine options.

We always do the job properly. This means fitting all the fans, ducting and looms that would have been in the car had it come from the factory. We do not cut or splice your vehicles wiring.

MOST DAB W204 media interface R230 NTG 2.5 Birds eye view ipod video ipod NTG 2.5 comand DAB Phone kit