SL D2B to NTG 2.5

Ranked as one of the most ambitious retrofits ever, Comand are pleased to announce that earlier this year we completed a truely outstanding upgrade to a D2B SL55 from 2004.

The customer had a very nice low mileage SL55 with pretty much every option. He was looking for an upgrade to the newer 2009 specification telematics. This car already had Bose, Tv, Comand, keyless go, linguatronic and phone pre-wire.  The specific requirements for the upgrade were;

NTG 2.5 comand, Digital TV, DAB, Harman Kardon, Comfort Phone, linguatronic and media interface.

Here at Comand we do things properly. This meant changing all the speakers, numerous wiring looms, instrument cluster and of course trim panels. Using genuine parts throughout we fully transformed the car into the 2009 spec including all the necessary changes to retained components such as Keyless go. We even used genuine mounting brackets, screws and tape where applicable.

The car was stripped, all the seats and carpet were removed as was the entire dashboard (necessary to fit the correct antenna amplifiers). The boot was stripped too. For two whole days the car looked very bare. However, the end result was well worth it.

Should the car ever need to be worked on by a specialist all the components fitted are exactly as per 2009 spec.

DAB in SL55 

MOST DAB W204 media interface R230 NTG 2.5 Birds eye view ipod video ipod NTG 2.5 comand DAB Phone kit