Video In Motion

Video in motion is the enabling of TV and/or video to be displayed whilst
the vehicle is moving.

We are often asked if we can enable this 'feature'. Whilst we can enable
it we wont do it for ANY customer no matter what the reason.

The reason why we wont is two fold. Firstly. it is illegal in the UK.  The
second is that we consider it to be extremely dangerous. Below you can
read a summary of one customer's experience having had video in motion
enabled by another company;

A couple of years ago a customer came to us with a request for some work
on his car. Whilst we were working on his vehicle we got talking as we do
to many customers. Some time earlier in that year, the customer was
involved in a road traffic accident. A person was injured and as a result
the police were in attendance. Because of the circumstances of the
incident the customer's car was taken away for examination. The police
found that the car had video in motion enabled. They contacted the
customer's insurance company who were unaware of the modification. In view
of this and the fact that it is illegal to have this in operation in the
UK they declined the claim from the 3rd party involved. The customer,
although not even having had the screen on at the time of the incident was
faced with a massive law suit from the 3rd party.

There are documented incidents of pedestrians and other road users being
killed by drivers who were watching a video/TV whilst driving. So if you
are considering having it done, then ask yourself how you would feel if a
child or relative of yours was killed by a driver watching TV.

To conclude, please do not ask us to enable this feature.

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