Why use us

Why use us / FAQ

1). Why should I use you over one of the other company's?

We only work on Mercedes vehicles. We use genuine Mercedes parts throughout for retrofits. We own and run a few Mercedes ourselves on which we can demonstrate many of the upgrades and retrofits we offer. We do the job right first time.

2). Do you code the car properly?

Yes. We use genuine Mercedes STAR systems which are supplied and maintained by Mercedes themselves to code not only the instrument cluster as necessary but also code the MOST bus correctly and run the initial startup procedure on any fitted devices. If the units fitted need any firmware updates (online to Mercedes in Germany) them we apply them.

3). Are your comand units new?

Yes we supply and fit brand new factory units. We also offer refurbished units at cheaper prices. All refurbished parts carry the same warranty as new parts.

4). I am told that I dont need the fan and ducting for my W204?

Rubbish. If it wasnt needed then Mercedes wouldnt put it in from new. We always install the ducting and fans. We will not fit a W204/w212/W207 comand without it as it will compromise the reliability of the comand. If you are told that you dont need it, then whoever tells you this is mis informed. Have a look here at the additional parts that must be fitted when retrofitting comand to a W204 C class; w204 retrofit parts 

5). Can I watch TV/DVD whilst the car is moving?

Yes it is possible but we will not enable it or install parts to enable it. This is because it is illegal. Have a read here for a story from one of our customers; TV in motion nightmare

6). Do you accept credit & debit cards?

Yes. We accept all cards except American Express.

7). Will everything in my car still work as it should?

Yes where it is supported. For instance if you are upgrading an NTG2 car to NTG 2.5 then the original phone controller, CD changer will no longer work. However the new unit will support phone and there is a DVD changer version of NTG 2.5 available. All existing steering wheel controls and instrument cluster options are preserved.

8). Can I have my old parts back?

Yes. We do not keep any customer parts unless previously agreed with the customer.

9). Why are you considered one of the best?

We work to mercedes standards. Every component we use is Mercedes. This includes every nut, screw, bolt and even any loom tape! Everything is original. We also have the widest experience of any Mercedes retrofit company. We have Richard Almeida on our staff. Richard is internationally renowned as one of the worlds leading authorities on Mercedes retrofits and is routinely contracted to work on hard to diagnose issues for many independents and franchised dealers. You can see many of Comand's projects on Richard's website at Mercupgrades We know we are one of the best at this because many other installers call us for advice!

10). I've been told to cut the loom on my W204 to make the unit and screen work but i'm worried about doing this.

Do not cut any part of your existing wiring. You do not need to. If you are installing it properly, no cutting or splicing is needed.

11). Will you install a unit if I buy it from ebay?

Yes. We will happily advise you which sellers on ebay are reputable and reliable. We will advise which unit you need for your car and then leave you to negotiate with the seller. You can even have the unit delivered here to us. We will check it upon arrival and advise if there are any issues with it. Then we will install it for you at a time to suit you. Typical prices for this are £199 inc VAT for an NTG 2.5 and £299 inc VAT for NTG 4 comand plus any parts required.

12). Will the linguatronic (voice activation) feature of comand work with my NTG 2.5?

Yes if you opt for the additional parts. Typically this is £299 inc extra.

13). Will I get a manual with my comand?

Yes if we are supplying the parts and the labour you will get a brand new manual and a session with one of our technicians showing you how to use the new device.

14). Can you add DAB to my comand?

Yes. If your comand originally supported DAB (NTG 2.5, NTG3, NTG4, NTG 4.5)  DAB can be added as per factory. If you have an earlier NTG1/NTG2 comand then we can add the in2digi DAB system which is the only truely digital (signal to internal amp) aftermarket unit. The sound quality from this unit is awesome.

15). Can you provide Mercedes comand map updates for my navigation?

Yes. We are one of four Teleatlas/Tom Tom wholesallers in the country. We are uniquely placed to advise on any Mercedes navigation upgrade disk and the associated firmware if needed.

16). So are you saying your installs are exacly as per factory?

Yes. We work to the mercedes WIS procedures. There are aspects of the installation that only two independent fitting company's can perform themselves. We are one of them.




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